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08111, Vilnius, Lithuania
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VERKTER was established in 2007 with different company name – “Virtualus prekybos salonas” . The company was established in order to sell bath products, garden and construction tools online. At the very end of 2010th it was made the decision to focus on tools and garden equipment only. So it was established the company “Į”. UAB “Virtualus prekybos salonas” remain as parent company only. Soon it changed it’s name to VERKTER.

Till the 2013th Verkter owned company “Evasa” as well. This company business field was retail sales of stacionary goods. “Evasa” had seven Office 1 retail shops in the biggest malls (“Akropolis” in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, “Panorama”, “Ozas” and “BIG”). “Verkter” sold 100% of it’s “Evasa” shares to Estonian company “Charlot” in the beginning of 2013th.

Now “Verkter” group is focused on tools and garden equipment business in Baltics and Scandinavia.

Companies of Verkter group and dates when they started activities:

UAB Į, 2011;

Verkter Sverige AB, 2012;

Verkter Suomi OY,  1st quarter of 2013;

Verkter Eesti Ou, On the 3rd quarter of 2013;

Verkter Latvia SIA, On the 1st quarter of 2014;

Verkter Norge AS, On the 1st quater of 2015 .

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